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Find a babysitting job that pays well, and feels personal, quickly.

Self-determined - You decide which family you work with.
Flexible - You look after children according to your own schedule.
Personal -We are always there for you.

Now in Vienna

Are you one of the best nannies in Vienna?

Explore your earning potential at Mary P. Childcare.

A win-win! - a great hourly wage, and you get to experience the joy of the kids.

Calculate your potential earnings!

How many hours a week can you babysit?

Circa 8 hrs.

Earn up to

600 €


Circa 12 hrs.

Earn up to



Circa 20 hrs.

Earn up to



Circa 40 hrs.

Earn up to




I think I am a top nanny. How do you find me?

The fastest way to your income.


First Contact

Are you interested and believe you have what it takes to be a top nanny?

Then simply apply with us and schedule an initial interview. We'll assess whether you qualify as a nanny with us. If we think you belong among the top nannies, we'll offer you an interview.


2. Interview

The interview (onboarding) consists of 2 parts:

  1. In the interview, we determine whether you qualify for collaboration with us. Please don't be upset if it doesn't work out. We only accept you if we are confident that we can connect you with one of our demanding families.

  2. If we select you right after the interview, we will immediately create your profile together.

Bewerbungsgespräch für Job als Nanny oder Babysitter

3. Ready to go!

You send us all the necessary documents and we will look for suitable families for you at the same time.

Bewerbungsformular für Job als Nanny

Common Questions

Here to clarify a few basic questions.

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