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Finally Finding the Right Nanny.

Find time for your friends, family, yourself, or a new career choice with a childcare service where your children are safe, supported and having a great time. 

Babysitting at home

Worry-free nanny selection

Babies, toddlers and kids anywhere from 0-14 YO.

Back-up nannies, just in case!

Now in Vienna

Nanny Service Tailored to your Family's Needs.

Unser Mehrwert

What makes us so special?

We know what's important to you.

Nanny reads to children in Vienna from a book.

100+ Quality Assured Nannies

We know how difficult it can be, to find a great nanny, especially one that your head and your gut can agree on. Well, you are in luck, because we only have the best of the best on our team.

Personal Care

No two people are the same,  so we find the perfect nanny for you to make sure that your everyday lives run smoothly and without need for worry. It is our promise that someone will always be there for you.

Babysitter oder Nanny mit Baby in Wien
Happy Nanny and child in Vienna during babysitting hours

Fair Prices

Of course, a great nanny who will fully support your child, does come at a cost. However we have created several extremely affordable rates that will make choosing the perfect nanny for your family a breeze.  If you have a busy day at work, or simply need a night out for yourself or with your partner, we have the nannies you want, for the prices you can afford.

Recommended by Both Parents and Nannies

We start building trusting and happy relationships from the very first meeting on.


Alexandra H. 

Overall, I feel as though my family has been well looked after and as if we are in good hands. Extremely professional service, and the owner is very nice and always helpful. I would absolutely recommend this service.

Tim N. 

I was given really great advice! I do not know of any other company in the area the has such a fantastic sense of quality support!

Tina B. 

I had a good feeling as soon as I had my first call. My skills are really valued here. I am secure, but also still flexible. It is a dream!

Need a Mary-P Nanny? It's as Easy as 1-2-3

It only takes 3 simple steps to sign up!


You Send a Request

You leave us your contact details via our inquiry form and book a suitable time for your free info call with us.

Free info call:   

We Listen to You

We will call you during your booked time slot and listen to your needs. If we find out that a collaboration with Mary P. Childcare makes sense for your personal situation, we book a 2nd fr

Advisory session:

We Look for a Nanny Together

In the free online advisory session, we will suggest suitable nanny profiles and, if you find one you like, book an introductory meeting with the nanny. 

About Mary P. Childcare

This is how we roll.

This is Mary P.

Here at Mary P, we believe that equality in the workplace starts with great childcare options. Because your own children have to be in safe hands before you can go to work or take a night off.

Our team here at Mary P consists of ambitious women who primarily want to create an offer that they would also like to use themselves.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Child playing in garden
Happy baby with nanny
black baby being fed by babysitter
Über uns

No one in Vienna has "I don't have a babysitter" as an excuse anymore!

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