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Find a babysitting job that pays well, and feels personal, quickly.

Self-determined - You decide which family you work with.
Flexible - You look after children according to your own schedule.
Personal -We are always there for you.

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Why babysit with Mary P?

Learn more about your career opportunities at Mary P. Childcare.

A win-win! - a great hourly wage, and you get to experience the joy of the kids.

Calculate your potential earnings!

How many hours a week can you babysit?

circa 8 hrs.

Earn up to

550 €


circa 20 hrs.

Verdiene bis zu

1370 €


circa 12 hrs.

Earn up to



circa 40 hrs.

Earn up to




How does your application process go?

The fastest way to your income.


First Contact

Are you interested?

Then simply apply and book an initial consultation. We'll see if we're a good match. If so, we may offer you a slot for onboarding.


2. Onboarding

Onboarding consists of 2 parts:

1. We get to know each other personally in a short interview.


2. If we select you right after the interview, we will put together your profile right away.


3. Ready to go!

You send us all the necessary documents and we will look for suitable families for you at the same time.


Common Questions

Here to clarify a few basic questions.

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